Adopting the concept of self-care means also to step up our nutritional body care, for ourselves and those we care for. Keeping it simple. By the grace of nature, food in its natural form is less stress-inducing on the body than highly processed foods, as tempting as they might be. Processed foods are a challenge […]


Yes, I talk plenty about emotions…and there ​are ​so many ways to understanding emotions: ​If at times we might de​cide that we put too much ​emphasis on one ​particular emotion, then we can create an equation: if we can reduce this emotion to “enough, present, but not too much”, then we can ask which other […]


“Energy Balancing” is a modality I developed several years ago, and it has been an intrinsic part of my treatments, in person and long distance. It is now easier to explain with the addition of the model of a 6 zones approach, a body care treatment that assists the human body to come back into […]


After the last post, I have been asked repeatedly for the recipe for my aunt’s “Fire Cider”. Well, here it is, it reflects clearly what was available in Germany in the earlier part of the 20th century. When you look up Fire Cider nowadays, you find recipes with ginger, turmeric, various fresh herbs, et al. […]


Today is the anniversary of my father’s birthday.  He left this planet many​, many years ago​.  I spent time reflecting on our relationship​, and some thoughts came up that I like to share​. I am ​a very private person​, because of my own unusual life’s story, so ​this i​s quite an exception: while spending some time reminiscing what my family and ancestors […]


ANCESTRAL LINEAGES We all have them, and I feel they can be teaching us so much! Even if we don’t know our biological parents, we may sense an affinity, or a subtle resonance with certain elements, places, people, and times. I recently talked with someone about this, who in her 40th decade finally got the, […]


MEDITATION – is not necessarily a selective tool or goal-oriented exercise, although people label many concepts as meditation. And without a doubt, they have their place and provide much-needed value. However, meditation is not a means to an outcome, it is ultimately an all-encompassing lifestyle. It is a state of balance, full circle, vital balance, […]


Quantum…. it has become such a popular word. Well, 15 years ago it was not as much as it is today, I’d say ubiquitously so. 15 years ago I started to integrate my approach of “taking it to the Quantum Level”, and it was not that easy to explain. I basically reconfigured my practice of […]


JUST IMAGINE… to take a moment, ​and sit under a tree​, allow yourself to connect with the ground​, and the sphere around the tree​. ​Just imagine​, you were intrinsically connected to this tree and everything else around it​. Just imagine​, you could become a part of its extensive root system​. ​Just imagine​, how firmly anchored […]

Patience in Processing

Processing pain is an essential part of healing and growth.  Pain is a universal human experience, and it’s important to remember that it’s okay to feel it. Whether it’s physical or emotional, pain is our body’s way of telling us something needs attention. Here are some approaches to process it in a healthy way: By […]