Claudia Wenning

Yes, I talk plenty about emotions…and there ​are ​so many ways to understanding emotions:

​If at times we might de​cide that we put too much ​emphasis on one ​particular emotion, then we can create an equation:

if we can reduce this emotion to “enough, present, but not too much”, then we can ask which other emotions can be ​felt ​within this newly created space?

It is simply one way of allowing for differentiation and balancing, we differentiate emotions we have access to, and it actually can unfold like an adventure: we are learning about what else we can feel, how that feels, and how we can authentically express it.

How deeply are we capable of getting in touch with our emotions, by diving into the entire bandwidth?

Which insights can we gain from experimenting this way?

We can encounter all the possibilities we may not have explored before now.

​It is a rich landscape, with hills and valleys of all colors, waiting.

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