Claudia Wenning

“Energy Balancing” is a modality I developed several years ago, and it has been an intrinsic part of my treatments, in person and long distance.

It is now easier to explain with the addition of the model of a 6 zones approach, a body care treatment that assists the human body to come back into balance.

I recently completed the certification in the “Zone Technique”, by Dr. Pete Goldman, which allows me to offer this approach now as an integrative part of “Energy Balancing”.

In correlation with 6 specific areas in the brain, we test 6 zones to determine imbalances. We then correct the imbalances by sending energy along certain areas of the spine to reset the connection with the corresponding brain centers.

When we adjust these zones, we remove energetic blockages in the body, and this assists in the re-balancing, The result: the whole body is balanced.

After integrating the specific 6 zone treatments, based on the “Zone Technique”, for the last few months, I can report that the improvements, and ultimately healing, are fantastic!

My fingers and eyes show me what we need to know to reset these areas.

Optimal communication with the brain is re-established, and the body comes back into balance, wholly, holistically. The treatments are short and effective, and we get results! Results of better health.

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