Claudia Wenning


We all have them, and I feel they can be teaching us so much!

Even if we don’t know our biological parents, we may sense an affinity, or a subtle resonance with certain elements, places, people, and times.

I recently talked with someone about this, who in her 40th decade finally got the, quite unexpected, yet deeply resonating, information about her biological family connections.

Whatever may come into our field of recognition, the information can be used to expand our horizons.

It was satisfying, and fulfilling on many levels for her, and her sense of self as an individual.

The process is ongoing, liberating, and confirming certain unwavering truths at the same time.

It is worth pursuing the significance of these milestones along our journey through life.

Essentially we can then recognize and realign imprints, if we feel called to do so, we can even unearth layers below the surface, and intuitively question stories we have narrated countless times.

The potential is unlimited, the results are liberating.

We can bring learning forward, for the benefit and healing of all generations, past, present and future.

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