Claudia Wenning

Quantum…. it has become such a popular word.

Well, 15 years ago it was not as much as it is today, I’d say ubiquitously so.

15 years ago I started to integrate my approach of “taking it to the Quantum Level”, and it was not that easy to explain.

I basically reconfigured my practice of already 15 years.

And I find myself as of this writing, in the 30th year!

My approach had grown so much by leaps and bounds, that I wanted that to be reflected in my services.

I even took out a trademark: QUANTUM LEVEL TRANSFORMATION!

I published a book “Quantum Level Transformation – The Handbook”. Obviously, I was dedicated!

I finally had a framework to explain where I am coming from philosophically, and a way to share my view of this reality!

However, this approach has been with us, for over 30 years in many publications, and as a scientific theory for about 100 years now.

Quantum Physics has gained a solid place in the collective consciousness.

It is here to stay, and I see it as an amazing tool and concept to sort out life’s intricacies.

So, I will stay with “IT”, the “Quantum Level”, a very practical, super effective approach to reality.

But I am not limited to it, and that, I believe, goes for everyone else as well!

This is in essence how I understand the “Quantum Level”, as the realm of unlimited possibilities…..

I am always ready to talk “IT”. Yes “IT”, not so much “ABOUT IT”, but “IT”.

“IT” is that good…..and there is so much more…..not even the sky is the limit!

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