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As we agree that a buildup of pathogens can be detrimental to our health, we also know that what we call pathogens can be detected as parts of matter. Matter is simply energy manifested. How does energy manifest? Through buildup of density, energy spins into matter.

 If we simplify this, that building of energy into matter can also create energy clusters that are of a subject or density that may support a dissonance if they are kept in our body, then we can understand matter and energy as being of the same source. 

And when this energy doesn’t join in equilibrium with the surrounding layers of manifested energy, the energy density can become a cluster that brings everything else into disarray, and creates chaos, as in coexistence but not co – or interrelation. We can also look at it from the sound theory point of view: dissonance equals dis-ease. Energy density can create blocks in the flow of energy, dis-harmony.

 Density can therefore also be characterized as manifestation of matter with a possibly pathogenic expression that would be detrimental, destructive, to our health, through implantation, unstructured cell proliferation, cell mutation and cell destruction.  Too much or too little will create in-balance.

Everything we use to change the energy field we find ourselves in, may it be made of natural or of chemical structure, as in prescription medication, the intention ought to be steady and consistent, and of the following:

 Whatever I put on, or in my body, whatever I imbibe, connect with touch or have within my field of vision, I will connect with it with the fundamental intention that this particular energy will assist me in balancing out my very own field. This particular energy I intend and herewith instruct to be of highest support to me to balance my entire field, and to realign all connections that have gone out of alignment, to eliminate safely all excess energies and densities of pathogenic action, as the goal is to return back to a harmonious symphony of coexistence of the various energies expressed in my field.

 We can intend for all energy to turn into matter to be of beneficial design, and assign them to be of service to our energetic expression. We can intend them to cohesively connect what was disconnected, to release pressure, to expel excess and mutations, to cleanse particles of no further purpose, to remove obstacles, to soften blocks, to slow down cell division, and to speed up cell renewal as needed.

We can intend to create opening of pathways that have been blocked, to create new pathways for clearing, and dismantle older paths that have become obsolete, to balance all parts to enable us for being deeply and harmoniously connected with all the layers of the field that we perceive.

We can connect all parts of the whole to interact with each other freely and in harmony and equality. If we see ourselves as a miniature cosmos, then it is surely our responsibility and within our ability to structure our intention accordingly, with conscience. We call in vitality to nurture and sustain us.

 We can feel supported by everything that is available to live in a field of harmonious interaction and playfully allow the energy to flow in countless directions, preparing forevermore a future of new constellations to unfold harmoniously, peacefully, in vital balance, as the reflection of the truly unique ever expanding and unlimited energy fields of eternal, unlimited flow that we are and “All there is” is.We are living within the wholeness of existence, and as aspect of the whole we are integral part of an  infinite space beyond what is known so far. And so, by creating the most exquisite manifestation, collaboration, and sound expression, into eternity, we reinvent and redefine ourselves. We are part of evolution quite intrinsically, so whatever we do and intend as we understand it, changes the course of how evolution unfolds. And we advance, evolve our health, and blossom with it, in vital balance.

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