THE QUEST – continues.

 I love the question “WHAT IF…?”

The journey continues, and I’m grateful that many of you have traveled along with me.

I have learned much from all of you, in community.

Many years ago, after a long, dedicated, soul-searching, journey with kindred souls, life as I had known it, shattered into pieces. I felt broken in mind, emotions​, and body. It took time, especially for the body, to mend. It is my body of NOW, it was never going to be again the body of THEN, I finally got that. 

Unconditional love and kindness by others, streaming my way, was the medicine. The greatest lesson so far for me. Seeking, finding, losing, Trauma, Transformation.

“Quantum Level Transformation” I called it in 2010, as I began to share parts of my journey, and now 1​3​ years later it is still part of my message: 

Every day offers another beginning, and the learning process is multi – dimensional, and transformation is an intrinsic part of that. Infinity is us, we are part of infinity, infinite possibilities are in the palm of our hand, and some of them are meant to coalesce into life as we see it.

Transformation can happen anywhere, it is within the heartbeat of evolution.

No need to look further than to each other. It is not gurus or teachers I seek and bow down to, it is that amazing fragility as well as the resilience of the human spirit that shines through the most adverse conditions.

And that is what gives me confirmation and hope: 

The women and men that walk this earth with grace and respect, connected to the earth below their feet and the vastness above, aligned with living life in awe and celebrating being part of ALL THERE IS. 

The strength and perseverance, the grace in not being defeated, that shines through so many, supposedly mundane actions. 

The never giving up of a mother spirit, the caring steadiness of someone who loves unconditionally, or the smallest touch of a child, like an elf dancing with us for an instant on earth.

The speediness and greed of those who seem to have set their mind on earthly exploits pale in comparison to the reaching out of one soulful being to another. In our small realm of reach, we still can define what we value and what not, in the smallest actions lies immense potential.

Let’s keep the circles of communication open, and cherish opportunities, where we can make a difference, and honor flexibility and responsibility, especially in face of the overwhelm that life presents often.

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