In Quantum Level Transformation: The Handbook, Claudia Wenning offers guided meditations, techniques and inquiries to assist you in reclaiming your power during these turbulent times. Find the perspectives that work for you!

“Our perception can change, and our attention can change,
Our attitude can change, and our intention can change,
All this will change the quality of the energy that sustains us.”

2020… if you feel overwhelmed, just had enough, feel that life is spinning out of control The Handbook gives you the tools to discover new insights that can open up an array of new possibilities for your life and those around you. 

Learn techniques to help you explore your emotions and how your body communicates with you. The practical application of these tools creates new understanding, and space for lasting transformation. 

Utilize The Handbook for guidance on your journey within and discover Vital Balance in your health and relationships, so you can authentically express yourself. Discover unlimited possibilities at the Quantum Level!

The PDF version of Quantum Level Transformation: The Handbook is now available, for less than a latte at your favorite coffee shop, at just $4.50. Click here to download your copy.

ABOUT CLAUDIA WENNING: I am a Traditional Naturopath, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Counselor,  RTT Practitioner, Reflexologist, Herbalist. My  Holistic Health Consulting Practice is called “Quantum Level Consulting™”. I integrate many modalities, guided meditations, nutrition, consulting, herbs to assist my clients to live life in Vital Balance in body, mind, and emotions. Vital Balance assures the energy of empowerment to live this precious life in health and joy!

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