Claudia Wenning

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Adopting the concept of self-care means also to step up our nutritional body care, for ourselves and those we care for.

Keeping it simple.

By the grace of nature, food in its natural form is less stress-inducing on the body than highly processed foods, as tempting as they might be.

Processed foods are a challenge to metabolize, and then the body needs to deal with the molecular residue, to neutralize and excrete that.

While doing this, there is less energy available in your system to deal with other incoming influences, chemicals, pathogens, parasites, etc.

Resilience is also a matter of keeping it simple, staying away from chemical and biochemical stressors.

It is simple self-care to prepare food in a way, that is most suitable for your individual metabolic pathways.

What gives you the most nourishing nutrition, that makes you feel energetic and nurtured?

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