Claudia Wenning

There is no better time than in the in-between to reflect….

upon what has served us well in the past, and what has not.

This is that time again to take a moment or two to give it space.

And yes, we might have to carve out a niche in our daily to-do for it.

But it is worth it, not just in-between the ending and new beginning of years.

It can be a beautiful time honored ritual of discovery, which will support us to move forward into the unknown.

We always knew the future is not written in stone, but we have been given the message lately more clearly than ever.

And what has served you well in the past? How can you carry that forward?

What has been a great go-to lately to navigate through life?

 Can that be part of your future too?

Which challenges have been easier to manage than others, and can you replicate solutions?

Which goals are worth pursuing in the new year, and which steps are to be taken to succeed?

What brings you joy, laughter, and contentment, effortlessly? 

How can you continue to make space for that?

How can you connect with fellow earth inhabitants in a caring, meaningful and supportive way?

Where can you engage in bringing more nourishment, sustainability, justice and equality to the world?

Maybe a motto to reflect upon could be sharing, and therefore multiplying, any moments of kindness.

Let’s share with each other what works, to strengthen the fabric of life as it unfolds for us at this time. Weaving connections from one heart to another, across all the distances, real, imagined, “social”, or otherwise created, will support us all. There are ways, waiting to be explored and creatively implemented, to give us all sustenance to not just survive, but thrive – together. Through tears and laughter, soul to soul, meeting and seeing one another with eye to eye connections.

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