Claudia Wenning

Today is the anniversary of my father’s birthday. 

He left this planet many​, many years ago​.

 I spent time reflecting on our relationship​, and some thoughts came up that I like to share​. I am ​a very private person​, because of my own unusual life’s story, so ​this i​s quite an exception:

while spending some time reminiscing what my family and ancestors were engaged with​, interested in​, and quite passionate about, the​ overlapping interests seemed to be today’s topic. I knew of them, but did not give much attention earlier in my life on what I may have in common with them.

 My father and my mother​, by ​their ​chosen professions​, ​made it their ​life’s purpose to make the sick well​, to help the poor and disabled​, to being good people​ and being disciplined​ with ​high ethics, yet not quite embracing the healing power potential of joyfulness, as I remember it. 

​My mother and both my grandmothers were connected to ​nature​ as ​avid gardeners​ and flower lovers, to whatever limited extent it was possible in their environments​. One of my great-grandmothers collected (wooden) cigar cases to fill with earth and start vegetable seeds.

​The love for plants​, flowers, and herbs ​weaves through their lives​,​ of my uncles and aunt​s ​too, at least one of them was particularly interested in culinary and medicinal herbs​.

 ​Just a few days ago I recreated her delicious cough syrup recipe​, a herbal concoction that is currently ​developing in a cabinet​. She also had a ​potent version of what is known as fire cider​, she was making this already in the late 1940s, in Germany.

 In my ancestral line were gardeners​, potato ​farmers​, ​plum orchard ​keepers, rose garden lovers, plant cultivators, and ​many teachers​, they were people who loved to read and expand their horizons ​since they were not able to travel much due to circumstances over 100 ​plus years ago and ​lack of finances​, of course​.

​My dad ​also ​was in part self-taught and well-read, he had experienced malnourishment as a child due to to no access to and lack of adequate nutrition, which caused him severe setbacks ​growing up. That may be one of the reasons why he felt such compassion for people with ailments​ ​they have to live with all their lives​, without having caused them​.

​My mother was very similar ​in her compassion for the ​sick, the underdog,  for the lost​, abandoned, misunderstood, especially mentally challenged and lonely​ humans, ​it was a very important part of her life.  

Today I felt the enjoyment of connecting to my ancestors…..sometimes the time is just right to make a connection effortlessly. It feels like I have been gifted that today.


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