How can we strengthen our immune system?
The approach ought to be multi-fold and individually tailored,
considering nutrition, exposure, lifestyle, habits etc., 
and understood as an ongoing process. 
If we can determine which parts of the body are most affected, 
we can take care of them first, 
the overall goal will continue to be to stay in vital balance.
We may fall out and come back into balance as the rhythm of life continues, 
but it does not have to be to a degree as to be debilitating, 
as to be in a permanent state of un-ease and dis- ease. 
It will ideally be an ebb and flow of energy throughout our body, 
as we rest and rise, rest and rise, as we go inward and go outward, 
as we are energetically spiraling upwards
into more refined expressions in this realm. 
The fine tuning is never meant to cease, 
the listening within continues, and we are certainly
 influenced on the cellular level by emotions and thoughts, 
by nutrition, lifestyle habits and environmental influences. 
How do our thoughts, emotions and deeds, especially the ones 
we would never tell another living soul, affect the cellular
 structure of this bodily unit of cellular community we inhabit? 
How much have we taken on from others, 
never to be uncovered or questioned? 
How can we courageously and freely 
express the essence of our spirit? 
It is part of the journey in life to recalibrate continuously, 
this is where awareness comes in, 
the greatest tool of all, available to all, 
this is where all the books, once they are read, 
will go back on the shelf, 
and where all the supplements are meant to be temporary, 
strengthening support for the undernourished areas. 
Ultimately the body knows intrinsically how to heal itself, 
once we trust and allow it to emerge out of any 
not sufficiently supportive vibrational state it is in.
Life itself is the adventure we signed up for, 
each and every one of us
 is to walk their individual path of discovery 
and we can help each other on the journey. 
In that sense let us keep walking together, 
sharing and rejoicing in this. 

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