Claudia Wenning

I dreamed the other night of events that I did not recall ever happened. The players in the “movie” were major “influencers” in my life.

After waking up it felt clearly as if possibilities had been taken further then I have experienced before, yet that the possibilities are infinite.

The dream’s topic impressively showed me how closely related all decisions, interpretations and therefore actions are to our perception of life itself.

Just the slightest shift in intention can create an entirely different cascade of events, as it happened in that dream.

Again I was reminded how critical clarity of intention is for any outcome.

And how easily the “story” can be shifted and how mighty the energy behind the intention is.

The web of life itself is entirely woven by intention.

Awareness, what I call the big A, is key to how we collectively weave this web.

It starts with the individual consciously holding and guiding the threads.

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