Claudia Wenning

                          “THE CLEANSE” – Body – Mind – Soul


                                    Are you ready to detox, declutter, release?

For your Body:  Are you ready to release toxins, relieve stagnation?

For your Mind:  Are you ready to release thoughts that do not serve you anymore?

For your Soul :  Are you ready to release emotions which prevent you from being in the moment?

Are you ready to make space for the full realization that we are bodies of light,
brilliant minds and unlimited souls….and so much more!
Join to explore easy changes to be made on the physical, mental and emotional level.
Realize greater well-being and live the joy of life!
This might be your time to clean out, to revitalize
and to install fresh purpose and direction in your life!
We will travel together through the application of simple steps
to restructure, to reinvent, and recreate the life you deserve to live,
to renew your commitment of expressing your passions.
Be the shining light we were all meant to be on this beautiful planet earth!
At the end of these sessions you will have applied a wealth of tools 
and easy approaches to make lasting changes to live a life in balance and joy!
Are you ready to expand into the Quantum Level?
Are ready to experience Transformation?
Are you ready to experience Vital Balance?

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