When is enough enough?
We all are going through phases of frustrations and overwhelm,
 there is so much that needs to be done, where to start?

How can we make our dreams and hopes become our reality?
Are we not already doing the best we are capable of at this very moment?
Could we let go of comparison just for one deep breath, and look again?

Could we look at where we want to go without despair,
without the notion of impending defeat?
History has shown us only was has been, not what will be.

What happens when we think we know what the future holds?
What if we could rewite this book as we go on?
With one “the best I can do” moment at a time.

Another “the best I can do” moment after that, and after that,
building gently without pushing or stressing, comparison and despair.
Yet building nevertheless.

Building a future out of “best” upon “best”.
Can it get better than that?
Isn’t that enough?

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