Claudia Wenning

Do you allow yourself to express your emotions?
Are you allowing yourself to be … angry?
 Why is anger this unappreciated emotion,
preferably to be overcome as soon as possible?
Emotions ( derived from ex- movere, to move out, latin)
 have their place, to move an upcoming feeling,
while it arises, into present awareness.
 Emotions are the instant experience of feelings.
Only in this realm of the embodiment we currently are in,
 the “human experience”,
 are we capable to experience these, as far as I know.
Anger is the refusal to accept what is, was, and we think might be.
But, that does not make us look good, so quick, let us just be a bit upset,
 let off just a bit steam, but otherwise, tuck this undesired sentiment away, deep, hide it.
 “Oh yes, I am so over this!” Well, am I?
 Or am I just suppressing this somewhere deep, deep, down, so nobody,
 including myself has an inkling any more of what is not expressed, and not processed.
If I have the slightest suspicion that I am sup-pressing something,
 then there is definitely something there.
If I can ex -press it as what it is: ANGER,
 in a non- confrontational way,
 I can allow it to leave its place of hiding,
 and that will relieve the press -ure .
 Once it is completely released, I will feel the difference in my body,
 in my mind and in my emotional field.
 Lighter, brighter, more flowing, one pressure valve opened…
Have you found a way to do this?
Have you experienced these ways yet?
 Moving anger out through breath, sound,
 Running anger to exhaustion,
 Throwing anger into the ocean to be washed away,
 Burning anger up through the breath of fire,
burning your anger out in a fire pit,
and yes, even driving off the freeway into a rest area
and releasing this energy into nature to be transformed in an instant.
Express your emotions and give yourself a rest in the rest area…

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