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What is the Quantum Level? It has been long overdue to share this!

What do I mean when I say we’re going to the Quantum Level?

At the Quantum Level, we find ourselves in a state of non-judgment, in a state of awe and wonder. It is literally a state of innocent awareness. An awareness that is not clouded by any preconceived ideas. In order to get there, we gently alter our brain waves.

This is done through awareness techniques, meditation, breathing patterns, and other intentional practices which I have used for decades and love to share.

The sensation of aliveness is enhanced at this “level”, or rather in this state of being. It allows for a deepened or, if you will, heightened self-awareness. It enhances self-recognition, as well as a sense of having a bird’s eye view of literally everything. At Infinitum.

It is a state of being that allows us to simply reflect not only on the past, but actually on the present moment, as well as on future possibilities. It is a state of being that allows for a complete reset of everything that we have been able to witness in our lives, a reset in the experience of our perception of reality as we “know it”. It changes, it shifts. You will bring in other sensations, colors, and flavors.

And this state definitely introduces us to the sense of infinity within us all and within everything. Everything. There is nothing without Infinity. Infinity is everything, and that might sound esoteric, but once you’ve gone there, it becomes so real that this experience will permeate your life from that point on.

It will give you the opportunity to rethink. It will touch everything in your life, and inspire you to examine your beliefs, your patterns, your convictions, and your habits. And it also enhances this interconnectivity of how we truly experience our senses in this reality.

In essence, it allows us to be more aware of what we feel when we feel it, and how we feel it. Having visited the quantum level will transform the way you live. For the better. It will be an experience with more opportunities, more colors, more flavors, more interaction, more communication, and ultimately a sense of being truly in the right place. At the right time, in every present moment. That is revolutionary. Once we can embrace that. Life. Is. This. Immeasurably. Wondrous. Gift.

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