Claudia Wenning

Today I decided to take a moment to be thankful for all the abundance nature shares with us on this new moon autumn equinox.
As much as we are affected but all the perils of nature, the turmoils and hardships natural event can cause in our life, and have, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, floods and fires, the earth is a living organism and in permanent movement.
This aliveness also gifts us with substance and sustenance, and today I want to express gratitude for that, for every fruit, nut, seed and grain of this earth that she brings forth.
May we all intent to share this bounty evenly, there should be no more unsurmountable reasons in this time and age for hunger, thirst or other scarcity, no matter where we live.
This ought to be a primary focus in the intentions we have towards how we like to see the future of this planet unfold, for us and future generations.
Earlier this summer the flowers were coming into bloom,
opening themselves up in utter abandon
strutting brilliant colors and intriguing textures
tempting with their fragrances.
Petals are fluttering in the breeze
in ecstatic expectancy of merging,
of getting fertilized,
of  joining of essences.
After the merging  everything changed,
petals lost their vigor,wilted away,
 energies and juices turned to flow inwards
 and deeper to create new beginnings.
 Now they ripen into shiny, fragrant fruits …
and they entice and beckon again
with their colors and fragrances.
“Come hither, taste me!”seems the message
“ come, feed and feast on me!
Relieve kernels, seed and pits of their shell,
this nourishing bounty is yours!
Free the essence of me
may we land on fertile ground again
to join energies in creating another cycle
of growing, merging and sharing.”
quote from: “From the Lightness of the Heart”

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