Claudia Wenning

One of the dynamics we need could be called “grounding”,  grounding, what does that mean?
Staying centered and relating wholly while being firmly anchored within.
This is a moment to assess and tune into relations, all our relations, relationships,
the connections that are meant for us to go deep, if we allow it.
Family and familiar relations, close relationships, all relationships provide the learning grounds for empathy and boundaries, how to balance them both.
How do we relate to all there is on this planet?
With empathy and clear boundaries in healthy balance we can create space for compassion to nurture all relations, even the ones with people we have never met, yet we certainly are “relating” to them, may it be going into the past, into the future, or on the internet (not kidding!).
The dynamic calling is to honor all relations, and we do not even have to “like” them, there is no need to struggle with judgments we may have, these have their place too.
By acknowledging our judgments we discover which values we do resonate with, judgement can be another tool to authentically deepen understanding, to actually find out more about ourselves than the other.
Our judgments can help us to listen more closely for what we wish to hear, feel, see, it can be the energy to move us into action to transform imbalance into balance, abuse into respect, neglect into caring, heartache into healing touch.

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