Claudia Wenning

This is a lovely visualization tool for body awareness by Stig Severinsen. Here is the quote of what he suggests:

“In light of February and the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I want to share this neat little exercise called “Feel Your Heart”. This powerful visualization exercise brings you in touch with the rhythm of your heart and, once in sync, let’s you lower your heart rate – with the power of the mind. It’s actually really easy. Here it goes:

Feel your heart in your throat: place two fingers on the side of the neck where you can feel your arteries.

Feel your heart by your ears: place two fingers on the side of one of your ears.

Feel your heart in your temples: place two fingers on one of your temples.

Feel your heart in the solar plexus: place two fingers in the pit of your stomach.

Feel your heart in all ten of your fingers.

Now that you have a clear picture of the rhythm of your heart pulse in your mind – imagine that it gradually slows down. You will notice you will feel more calm, relaxed, and at peace. Verify your pulse with a heart rate monitor or finger pulse oximeter, or by placing your fingers on your neck again. You can use this exercise any time when you feel overwhelmed or agitated and can use a nice little time-out to bring your pulse back to its natural rhythm. “


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