Claudia Wenning

Do you have daydreams?
 How vivid are they?
Despite of what I may “think” or “believe” on a cloudy day,
nobody has yet been able to take my freedom away to have daydreams,
or my resolve to take action to make them become reality….
What are your questions at this time in your life?
Whatever the questions are and even if the desired answers seem
far fetched, I like to ask questions like:
“What if….?”
“Why not…?”
“When then…?
“Possibly soon…?”
and “Even though…?”
These questions can open and soften our very core and center, the “Heart Space”.
Truly inspired action can originate out of this place of heart-centered feeling into possibilities,
 out of the purity and openness of a fully engaged heart-centeredness.
If we wish to further a peaceful coexistence with each other and this beautiful planet,
one of my daydreams is that we caringly continue to grow lasting support for each other
to make such “Heart Space”- inspired action our reality.
 I daydream that, yes, doable from the lightness of the heart.
I daydream that, yes, and I am ready.
Every moment in life is an opportunity for a “reset” of our viewpoints as we observe and evaluate our experience.
May your daydreams be nurtured from the “Heart Space”,
may we support each other to bring us closer to deeper connection and
understanding of ourselves and all others in this co-creation!
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