The fullness of the moon illuminates the landscape,
 it assist us in seeing more clearly even deep into the night.
There is a sense of urgency to brighten the shadows,
 too long they have been used as hiding places.
We can collectively, literally physically,
straighten up and feel ourselves stretching towards the light.
 Stretching upwards, as if the veil is getting thinner and
thinner the taller we decide to stand, united.
Born out of this decision  our strength gets magnified and multiplied,
the air has a different quality, the next breath is deeper then the last.
We are moving upward in gathering this raw potential collectively.
This energetic pull, like an invisible tide, we can sense it,
and we can choose to embrace it.
This strength is waiting for us to tap into, feel it, taste it,
 utilize it to realize new approaches now.
We have been preparing for this, the darker the shadows,
 the more they can be illuminated and will loose their imposing might.
 All we see begins to appear in a new and different light.
Even in the smallest degrees of shades, gathering momentum.

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