“Let food be thy medicine” – one of the central statements of Traditional Naturopathy is still valid today.

What we eat will support healthy cellular renewal and resilient tissue formation – or not.

Here are a few thoughts on the naturopathic “plant-based” dietary concept for acute physiological stress and imbalances:

When we eat less plaque forming (and inflammation promoting) macro/micro nutrients, the less plaque will accumulate in the system.

A plant based, minimally processed, diet can even influence genetic expression, that means in essence down-regulate the expression of genes that could adversely affect vital organ function.

This of course will favorably modulate also all kinds of long-term health issues, not just the acute ones.

For the treatment of acute inflammation, with certain tissues or organs under stress, when animal protein is replaced by plant based protein, less stress is exerted on the kidneys and liver.

Less refined sugar, or even better none, equals less stress on the pancreas.

Therefore, less metabolic waste products need to be moved through and out. Less stress on the whole system allows for more energy to repair tissue on the cellular level.

When there is less stress to deal with, it allows the immune system to address long standing issues, i.e. lodged pathogens and bacterial overgrowth, etc.

More oxygenation, less oxidation, more nutrient uptake, less nutrient deficiencies. Less stress on the body overall, less constriction and ensuing stagnation, less tension, will allow for more flow, more nutritional and oxygen saturation.

This has been demonstrated in studies from the medical perspective regarding cardiovascular irregularities as well.

Cardiovascular, intestinal, metabolic, and nervous system imbalances benefit from a plant based approach.

Additionally many skin symptoms can be improved by dietary changes.

Important is to eat whole plant based foods, not to strain the fiber etc out, but use them whole or pulped, except in rare cases. The food can be partially raw, but for most not completely, rather according to seasons and individual body type etc, the ideal percentage of raw to cooked will vary widely by individual body health, body type and other requirements.

Food combination is important too, including separation of fruits and veggies in many cases, to support necessary detoxification processes to run optimally. The enzymatic action of whole fruits is a powerful cleansing aid.

To reduce acute inflammation, grains could be eaten in smaller proportions, until the inflammation subsides. Natural plant based fats are part of the diet, and will feed the nervous system in particular.

Food sensitivities are to be observed and addressed accordingly, it is of utmost importance to unburden the immune system where ever we can. Well, that applies for environmental influences certainly also.

Ideally a plant based detoxification and rebuild protocol, which is metabolized in the alkaline spectrum, will be completely customized and can last from 1 to 6 months, and other foods will be re-introduced in time incrementally.

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