Claudia Wenning

Starting a new year is a good time for intention setting.

We have done it many times before, but new beginnings remind us of the significance of setting intentions. 

If you are interested, take a piece of paper or a small journal, solely dedicated to this:

For starters just set 3 intentions for the coming year 2021.

This is about whatever you feel drawn to, whatever your heart desires.

Simply tune into what you would truly like to see happening in your life in the new year:

What brings you joy and fulfillment?

What makes you feel you are living with engagement and purpose?

What do you want to put in place to experience contentment?

Like anything else in life, this will require some action on your behalf.

Action is required in order to feel exactly as you intend. And as you envision how to feel about certain aspects in your life, you are setting the stage for actions to take that will accomplish that.

Your health, your body, emotional state, peace of mind, relationships, self-esteem, artistic expression, new opportunities, professional accomplishments, community connections, national and global outreach, personal growth, economic stability, ecological innovation, you name it.

This is for you, and it is about what you truly desire to see happen, and how this will positively and lastingly impact your life, the lives of those around you, the planet as a whole and all who live upon it.

Therefore, I suggest to formulate the intentions similar to this:

My intention is to …………..,   to accomplish …..……………, and that will make me feel……..

My intention is to……………,  to manifest ……………………, and that will make me feel……..

My intention is to……..…….,  to support ……………………, and that will make me feel…….. 

Examples could be:

My intention is to get 1 (or 2) hours more sleep at night, to accomplish feeling more rested in the morning, and that will make me feel confident to manage a day’s tasks with ease..

My intention is to join a nonprofit group, to manifest more equal opportunity for a particular social sector in focus, and that will make me feel excited and content about contributing to social justice.

My intention is to use less processed foods, to support my family’s health and my own, and that will make me feel self-empowered regarding healthy food choices.

There are other ways to approach that, but it is a start.

You can use this one as warm up, modulate it, make it yours – make it work for you!

Play with it, use what comes naturally.

Where your attention goes, your energy follows, and your intention sets the route.

We want to give this thought and choose wisely, and feel into our ideas and desires:

What or whom do these ideas serve, and is it the path that is right for you at this time?

Is there anything else you might want to look at?

Well, you can use the beginning of a new year to reflect on questions like this.

Really, every day offers reflection from here on forward, since going back is not an option.

 And you do not have to do this alone, this is a great topic to explore with family and friends, bring the kids in, they actually can show us some new ways how to find clarity, passion, purpose, and manifestation.

 Expect the unexpected!

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