YOU ARE THE SANCTUARY, IT IS WITHIN.May finding it on the outside show you the way back home.

Are You Ready?

I’m known as a holistic health consultant and yes, my approach is completely holistic. I am a Naturopath and Function Medicine Practitioner, and I also have various certifications in hypnotherapy.  When I speak about hypnotherapy, I actually can offer something that is very different, and very unique.  When you come into a hypnotherapy session with […]

Rays Of The Morning Sun

 RAYS OF THE MORNING SUN Sun rays coming through the window they seem to be dancing, even the walls seem to be softening, inviting who see these  to let go of rigidity, inviting who see these  to embrace flowing lucidity.

After The Rain

AFTER THE RAIN Such cleansing I see this morning, I take it all in with wonder. Could the steady flow of water from above have been cleansing me too? A continuous flow of aqueous renewal…  my cells seem to sing silently in cleanliness. The blessings of a rainy night. The very air I breath is […]

Owls Hooting In The Night

OWLS HOOTING IN THE NIGHT Something woke me up really early in the morning, two owls are hooting across the valley, back and forth, and back and forth again. Tu-tuu-tu-tuu…I am entranced,  magical it seems to me,  being invited as a witness in the quiet of the night. I can feel the rhythm of this, the […]

From Imbalance to Balance, to Vital Balance!

Originally I was trained as a Traditional Naturopath and Herbalist, and I added my Functional Medicine education much later, the curriculum actually was not offered until the late 1990. Functional Medicine and Naturopathy are two similar approaches to healthcare. Functional Medicine would not even exist if there had not been Naturopathy all along, it is […]

The Quantum Level

What is the Quantum Level? It has been long overdue to share this! What do I mean when I say we’re going to the Quantum Level? At the Quantum Level, we find ourselves in a state of non-judgment, in a state of awe and wonder. It is literally a state of innocent awareness. An awareness […]

The “Trance State”

The therapeutic trance state is in my estimation one of the most important, truly spiritual, empowering self-awareness tools. I am certified in 3 different approaches to Hypnotherapy, and I can use those tools to invoke this relaxed state with clients.  In essence, I am facilitating space for others to enter this therapeutic trance state, which is a […]

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine” – one of the central statements of Traditional Naturopathy is still valid today. What we eat will support healthy cellular renewal and resilient tissue formation – or not. Here are a few thoughts on the naturopathic “plant-based” dietary concept for acute physiological stress and imbalances: When we eat less plaque […]

The Quest – It Continues

THE QUEST – continues.  I love the question “WHAT IF…?” The journey continues, and I’m grateful that many of you have traveled along with me. I have learned much from all of you, in community. Many years ago, after a long, dedicated, soul-searching, journey with kindred souls, life as I had known it, shattered into pieces. I felt broken […]