Self Love

SELF LOVE – is it being in love with oneself, or loving being ourselves? Being in awareness of ourselves, we can begin to love who we are. And when we love who we are, we feel and embody that love. We are that – ourselves. Everything we do will carry that essence. They say: “Love […]

Listening to the Ancestors

The end of October is nearing, and soon it will be All Souls Day (November 2nd) again, which was in my upbringing in Germany, a day of significance. And this year I will have plenty more to reflect upon on that day. Living in awareness of the giving and taking, the interaction, between different generations, is […]


Autumn has arrived, and the light is changing – With the length of daylight hours palpably shortening, we can inspire each other to make best use of the times in the light, and encourage each other to explore the depths of the change, and the significance of the promise of more times of darkness. Finding […]


COMMUNITY – CONNECTION  I want to elaborate on this today, since I spend several hours with the local community. Why is that so significant? I was watching the various flows of communication, the forming and resolving of circles, groups and exchanges, all this without anyone directing anything, just the organic flow of connecting. I was simply […]

Reflections Summer 2022

In my writings over the years I have shared my reflections, you might have seen them not only on social media, but also in my books and many in this blog, since I wish to encourage you to create space for your own reflection time. Reflections like those you would find in a still lake, […]

Smelling The Flowers

This collection of 7 social media posts is dedicated to my mother, who all her life loved flowers very much. An invitation to 7 days of “Smelling the flowers” – day 1 Just do it! You could post pictures of your fragrant, mesmerizing, delightful, inspiring, uplifting mini “tête-à-tête”, or rather “nose says hello to flower” […]

Nature’s Abundance

I am so distracted … nature’s beauty, a nonstop flow of vistas, smells and feels, when I am outside. In our area nature has been exceptionally kind to us lately, it feels abundantly rich, so delightfully palpable. Just “watching the grass grow”, and literally all plants, is a meditation in itself. I take this abundance as a message to look […]

Moving forward

How can we honor the ones who came before us, respect their values, while giving ourselves space to move forward? Why are we keeping beliefs from eras gone by, as through our lineage, alive? Are we judging ourselves today based on these beliefs and parameters? Are expectations we have of ourselves today realistic, do they serve us […]

It’s Personal

So, the other day I was talking and I heard myself say ” On a personal note,…” and then proceeded to tell a story. Well, that got me thinking. Isn’t everything I think, say and do personal? It is simply the expression of me, being uniquely myself, with all my experiences playing an intrinsic part […]

One By One

Considering the worldwide developments in the last several years, 2022 is an opening of never before seen opportunities to create change. It is time to take a stand, adjust attitudes, and allow transformation to be the essence of everything we endeavor to accomplish. It is time. The alignment for transformation has never been closer at […]