The end of October is nearing, and soon it will be All Souls Day (November 2nd) again, which was in my upbringing in Germany, a day of significance. And this year I will have plenty more to reflect upon on that day.

Living in awareness of the giving and taking, the interaction, between different generations, is essential to being human, that becomes increasingly more obvious to me. It is an interaction that shapes the quality of our lives. ​What​ever we might feel about interactions with significant people, we will, more often than not, never know the whole story of the other, their unique, untold, story. 

That perspective carries with it a different way of listening to the other, and has brought me to a different place of quietness. 

 How often do we gather impressions that are dominantly based on an assumptious interpretation of fragmented stories?

And we might even strive to live our life according to those assumptions.

Listening to the ancestors then becomes quite another undertaking, the real listening, between the lines, and then beyond the words.

Listening with our eyes, and ears, and heart.

It is in the listening with such totality to their story, receiving a glimpse into their universe, and connecting, that we can connect ad infinitum.

Clear communication with all our senses, is one authentic way to connect, to discover the multidimensionality of this life, without “woowoo”, simply by discovering more of the true story of the other. 

That is my story for now, but not all of it.

The other “fragment” is: All the stories of our ancestors have influenced who I am today, like it or not. Just the knowing, opens up new choices. 

Every thought we think, step we take, we can ask ourselves: is that truly me expressing myself (soulfully)? 

Or am I carrying ancient patterns, stories of others forward?

Just look and see, when does it make sense, and when does it not?

Such freedom in realizing that we have a choice with every act and thought.

It is undescribable, the closest I can say is: It is a living at the quantum level.

The freedom is mesmerizing, the choices are innumerable, and how we live today will influence tomorrow.

Live is not a flat screen, I am simple using one to point a finger into the unknown, which though in return is actually “right at our fingertips”.

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