Claudia Wenning

 And so I will speak about Vital Balance again,
Vital Balance is a model of living in a state of health,
but even more so a model to live a life in empowerment.
 Whatever sensations we might have: defeat, despair, fear,
are we going to feed these with the next breath that is coming to us?
 Breath is what keeps us alive in this body,
are we going to keep these sensations, feelings, emotions,
individually and collectively alive by breathing into them?
What if we are now awakening to the choice of balancing
these sensations out with the very next breath?
We can acknowledge what we feel, exhale completely, and with the next breath
we can invite in a sensation to balance those troubling emotions out.
Might it be such a simple act that will take us out of the loop
of feeling disempowered and depleted?
 Could it be that this will change our attitude and therefore our stance around,
to a place of decisive, vital, balanced strength to face whatever may come our way?
We all have experienced courage, hope, inspired action in our lifetime,
even in the smallest incidences,
by exhaling consciously and taking a deep breath
 we can bring those empowering, sustaining emotions
through the incoming breath into our field.
Would we not benefit from breathing life into those emotions,
energize and strengthen those sensations individually
and let them be carried out on a quantum wave?
 We can do this, it is free, instant
and will change not only our energy,
 it will influence everything we touch,
 everything we think and act upon.

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