Claudia Wenning

I’m known as a holistic health consultant and yes, my approach is completely holistic. I am a Naturopath and Function Medicine Practitioner, and I also have various certifications in hypnotherapy. 

When I speak about hypnotherapy, I actually can offer something that is very different, and very unique.

 When you come into a hypnotherapy session with me, what we do together is actually start to dehypnotize you. Dehypnotize you!

From all the imprints, beliefs and patterns you have been identifying with, and which have most likely created the shadows and the issues that are the reasons why you come to talk to me.

In other words, we are shining the light to see those shadows, and we do need the light to make those shadows apparent, and to be able to acknowledge them and to deal with them.

 The light I’m talking about is, in a sense, dehypnotizing.

It is you waking up, you embracing new ways to look at your life and what you have done up to now. Shining the light on new perspectives that you can integrate in a new and unique and very personal way.

It is what I, for simplicity, call “going to the quantum level”. That is where we shine the light, that is where we expose the shadows, and that is also the place where all these shadows, all these issues, become malleable and transformable.

And transformation is the goal, completely achievable, once we bring the light in. It is a state of tremendous clarity, it is a state of having woken up, coming out of trance, coming out of illusion, disappointment, disempowerment, and being able to free yourself of all those patterns that truly, truly do not serve you anymore. It could be habits, it could be addictions, it could be relationships, it could be that ht and miss in all aspects of your life.

 So, are you ready to be dehypnotized? Contact me.

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