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In my writings over the years I have shared my reflections, you might have seen them not only on social media, but also in my books and many in this blog, since I wish to encourage you to create space for your own reflection time. Reflections like those you would find in a still lake, yet obviously the perspective has changed. There is the real magic. Imaging, how this might be the missing link for you! OR REACH OUT IF YOU NEED SUPPORT.

FREEDOM FROM PAIN – When we realize that pain is a language in itself, then once we understand this, and we have listened, pain has achieved what it came to do, and will perceivably shift. I am here to help others with this process.

That does not mean we will never experience emotional or physical pain – but the awareness gives us the freedom to communicate with pain of all kind, and this awareness enhances our ability to ultimately shift the pain.

KINDNESS – so much to say about this. Once we recognize the other as “of kind”, how can we do anything else but be open to understanding, to communicating, just kind. Kindness is the realization that we are all of the one kind, which is the humankind. Living Kindness.

CLARITY – might be one of the grandest gifts of life. So much emotional weight is carried all along, experiences get buried, and treasures are forgotten. Once we find understanding, the weight shifts and often entirely dispersed. It can be done! The depth of clarity reveals those immaculate gems of insights. It is this transformative shift of perspective that “connects the dots”, and we can sense a heart centered deep exhale that clears space for a never before felt aliveness. Lightness of the heart I call that, and yes, it might be tremendously “emotional”, yet in essence foundation for a newly found embrace of life. The gift of understanding is patiently waiting to be claimed.

PATIENCE –  is also the wonderful capability to allow life’s rhythms to show themselves in their own time, so that we can adjust and act accordingly.

In contrast, procrastination can at times be the ignoring of a succinct call to action in the present moment.

The good news is, self-awareness will without fail show us the difference. It is that quality of being the observer, watching, that reveals subtle layers.

LIFE – living life fully means also living our emotions fully, living through them and clearing that what creates lingering emotional weight. When we speak of the river of life, we speak also of the flow of emotional connection, the experience and understanding of same.

Just in the last weeks I witnessed my clients let go of self-doubt, pain, grief, social anxiety, overwhelm, and quite specific fears. These issues have been gently erased in an energetic shift, and then replaced with deep insights and sound action steps. It can be done, and the transformations are the result of a gently guided processing that in essence will heal us.

WALKING – meditatively, contemplating thoughts and emotions, being aware of the thoughts we think, and the emotions we feel. Then testing how thoughts make us feel, and feelings make us think. It’s a mesmerizing stroll through the largest garden there is, the one within.

RELATING – I think this is a particularly important lens to view life “through”. Aren’t we all constantly relating to something, someone, some….?

How do we presently engage in our interpretation of these interactions? And whatever might have worked at some point, could it now deserve revisiting, if it is still adequate to fully engage in same fashion in a relation(ship)?

We are living in a web-like reality, it is continuously woven by the dynamics of the relationships we engage in, from the silent gaze of admiration upon a single blade of grass, swaying in the breeze, to the passionate holding of a loved one in an embrace.

So how can we support each other to nurture all these relationships more, yet still enjoy independence of expression?

HONESTY – Being honest is being in alignment with our perception of our life experiences. No bending, make belief or any other distortions, of any size. I believe that bending the truth, veiling, distorting for ulterior motives is hurting the very one who engages in it on a cellular level. It is a, maybe imperceptible, beginning of dis-ease. It can impede the natural flow of life itself in the body.

The revelation of this phenomenon may only arise though, when we gather the courage to pull aside all veils and look at ourselves with sincere, probing curiosity: where am I misleading myself, misrepresenting myself to the world, to which purpose and why? What is to gain, but also what is lost?

Honesty can be the liberating step to freedom from delusion. This liberation can be felt whole-bodily, blockages release, hardness softens, stagnation moves, and the very grace of life itself flowing through us will be perceived again, maybe even with wonder. And then the sense of freedom arises to truly be who we are, authentically, vulnerably. Sensing the miracle of life residing right(fully) within each and every one of our cells.

CENTERING – it gives strength, security and belonging within oneself. It is essential to navigate through this reality. It enables us to slow down, redirect, reassess and reframe.

It is a prerequisite to coming home to the freedom of choice, even if it may seem small, yet the smallest change will affect the trajectory of our interpretation of EVERYTHING.

UNCERTAINTY – is real, and we owe it to ourselves and everyone we are with, to recognize it, address it and share ways to live with it, as it is an intrinsic part of life. The preciousness of the present moment gets magnified.

There is a way:

From uncertainty to certainty

From confusion to clarity

From hopelessness to hope

FROM THE HEART – We all have been there: feeling heaviness in our hearts. We are feeling, deeply, profoundly, are emotionally engaged. And we can feel the feelings anywhere in the body too.

Our heart, the glorious center of expression and connection, the precious heart, is filled with our emotional past, present and is still holding space for future feelings. Holding space, allowing us to feel these emotions, emote them and transform them. The heart space is this magical place to transform heaviness into lightness. And then we move forward with love and compassion, from the lightness of the heart.

FEAR – is not of the soul – it is of the mind. However, it is as delicate as it is powerful. When in fear, reach out to get support for your mind!

It is the process of unwinding, to then gently rewind, loosely, literally, and with utmost care.

Undoing the tightness often releases the fear. Then we replace the fear with alertness, caution and appropriately chosen action.

Step by step. This is empowerment. Nothing less will do, true mind-care is „self-care“.

Another potential roadblock on the road to emotional freedom, personal sovereignty, is this:

Holding on to strong, personally valid, expectations can be a recipe for heartfelt disappointments.

May we all be given the grace to let go of the pain that comes with it. Emotional pain can be the messenger to show us where we are living in separation from what is, ALL THERE IS, AS IT IS.

The question is, how do we honor our own values, yet allow life to take us into new understandings?

New understandings do open new dimensions.

May compassion be the very best friend ever, coming along on this journey.

The liberation that may follow can be immensely positive, transformative, as if every cell in our body has changed – well, I believe they actually do in various ways.

Emotional balance is the ideal „doctor‘s order“.

How do we get there? Let’s talk. I may have some applicable ideas how to navigate these obstacles.


Pain is an essential messenger

Listening to it deeply

Shows us the insights

About which action to take

To facilitate the desired shift

From painful to painless.

It is transformation.

My living prayer is:

that no one has to do this alone

since the depth of our fragility

appears to me on par with our resilience

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