Claudia Wenning

Peonies and Daffodils
Why do we humans love flowers?
Flowers are kin. We are sensing kinship.
These flowers show
why we love flowers so.
They strive to grow, to regrow,
to nourish themselves with sunshine,
air and water,
so that they can display their vibrant
colors and unique shapes in abundance.
They spread their individual fragrance
and unique temperament.
They express all this cell by cell,
while ever so multiplying.
They are sharing their plant spirit
and essence through cell division.
Through every new stem,
leaf and petal that is formed
their essence is brought forth steadily.
We are also growing, regrowing, nourishing
ourselves with sunshine, air and water –
and the bounty of food that grows
because of sunshine, air and water.
Are we not naturally inclined to express
our own colors, our temperaments, and
our humanness with increasing
definition, broader, fuller and deeper?
Are not our cells multiplying again and again?
Are we not carrying a special fragrance
ourselves, like nobody else,
which makes each and every one of us
so unmistakably unique?
We are called to express our vibrancy
at the height of our vitality,
and there is beauty to behold –
the air is rich with connectivity.
From separation to inclusion –
many textures, one family.

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