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This collection of 7 social media posts is dedicated to my mother, who all her life loved flowers very much.

An invitation to 7 days of “Smelling the flowers” – day 1

Just do it! You could post pictures of your fragrant, mesmerizing, delightful, inspiring, uplifting mini “tête-à-tête”, or rather “nose says hello to flower” moments. Share the goodness.

It might soon become a lovely, empowering, habit of yours to invigorate your senses, and allow yourself to be touched, gifted and gently soothed, balanced and energized by the essence of a flower.

The transference is free and waiting for anyone who gives it attention, and recognizes the healing qualities of these sweet, spur of the moment, encounters. Let’s go and smell the flowers!

“Smelling the flowers” – day 2

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” Luther Burbank

“Smelling the flowers” – day 3

And then the flower opened her petals, spreading colorful twinkles about.

Fragrance floated up, in higher and wider swirls, dispersing delight.

Graceful stamens lifted their little heads, and with a subtle, seductive wink they began the rite of beckoning to come closer.

“Smelling the flowers” – day 4

It is the essence of the flower herself, that by divine design is shared as olfactory, visual and kinesthetic communication.

Communication with and through all the senses we have been given, unequivocally can remind us of the richness of life, beyond material gains. You might call these riches of an illusionary nature, yet they feed the soul, I think.

“Smelling the flowers” – day 5

I admire the richness and depth of magenta hues. As soon I think that though, a kaleidoscope of many other colors starts brilliantly turning in my mind: yellows, oranges, blues are undulating up and down, sparkling like a rainbow in motion, shouting with sweet little voices in unison: “We know you love all of us too! “ Yes, indeed, I do! “Earth laughs in flowers”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Smelling the flowers” – day 6

Regal Gladiola, the queen of high summer, shows how it is done to express herself on one stalk quite majestically. Purposefully striving upwards to touch the skies above.

Her name alone is telling, there is glad-ness embedded, one might suggest. It matches my sentiments when I see them opening their flowers. A fun role model for a balancing act, at times they like support to stay centered in all their impressive presence. Just like humans. There are times we too need a bit of support to stay centered. We could just be gardeners and caretakers of each other in the human fields, which here and there looks like a jungle. A rich terroir for a bit of centering, supporting TLC, of kindly multiplying gladness.

“Smelling the flowers” – day 7

In the last post of these 7 days I will share my gratitude to our herbal allies in gardens and fields. Some of them are exuberantly expressing their olfactory treasures, others are sharing more subtle fragrances, all could be an invitation to recognize the healing properties, so varied, but all simply uplifting with their fragrance alone. In essence smelling the flowers can shift our energy, our mood, and we can be uplifted by their demonstrations of utter abandon, how flowers just gift of their essence until all they have to share is given.

Thanks for reading these posts. May the love and appreciation for flowers unite us, and may we be inspired by how they express their enchanting uniqueness with totality, how they open hearts and minds of those that are ready to receive their gifts. Connecting with flowers and tuning into their unfolding is a beautiful opportunity to experience reverence for the rhythms of life itself.

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