Claudia Wenning


 I want to elaborate on this today, since I spend several hours with the local community. Why is that so significant? I was watching the various flows of communication, the forming and resolving of circles, groups and exchanges, all this without anyone directing anything, just the organic flow of connecting. I was simply watching energy flow between people, and animals too. 

We are community, we are as a single “form” of the human species a community as well, that is within.

 The flow of energy connects all bodily systems, all manifested and more etheric connections, all areas of the body and who we are as a human being, mind and soul, in a myriad of ways.

 Once we feel this, we realize it, we tap into that immense field within, and being alone gains another meaning: Never alone, but a community. 

When we feel lonely though, we have lost the connection of this feeling of belonging to, and existing in community, within as well as around us. May we all help each other to reconnect whenever we need it. May we support each other to connect to the community, within and without.

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