Claudia Wenning

Meditation, it is not a state of doing, meditation is the state of being. 

However, for most of us it takes patience, practice and diligence to fully embody this state of being. That’s where meditation mentoring can support us. We can assist one another to access this precious state of being and make it our home.

 So that more and more peaceful currents will shape the flow of the river of time.

 It was said you can not step into the river twice, indeed, so true, I like to add that your stepping into the river will alter its current forever. From this moment in time forward.

Therefore, as much as we understand time to be an illusion, just in the same measure let us embrace the understanding that time is also of the essence. Every moment counts in shaping this river of time. 

The qualitative influence and its magnificence of just a single microbe on the river of time is one of the profoundest  humbling revelations.

 If this speaks to you, the transformation of this very moment into a meditative moment of presentness may elevate your whole perception of existence into an expanded understanding. “Standing” here with an open heart, an open mind, open to insights of an entirely unknown but deeply enchanting quality.

The miracle of being in the present moment, watching the river of time flow by.

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