For as long as I can remember, I have trusted the herbal Artemisia family, with the innate antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic effects these herbs offer. This has been confirmed lately more than ever before by scientists, due to the research regarding a certain virus of current interest.

I have been using 4 different Artemisia herbs in the organic tea blends this year, 2021, on purpose, to support the immune system with everything I have locally access to, in the gardens I care for, as well as in adventurous, but sustainable, wild foraging.

So, above is a photo of the latest tea blends containing Artemisia.

I also have a Cistus blend, which is an organic blend of 4 different Cistus species, the taste is mild and delectable, the color is beautiful, the medicinal qualities are again immune system stimulating, and will provide resilience support on multiple levels.(Disclaimer: if you react to the Asteracea family, this may not be the tea for you, always ask your health care provider first).

Add those tea blends to water, the greatest catalyst, powerful mover and alchemical, transformational dissolver,  and you have some potent allies right there in your tea cup. It’s easy.

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