While sensing into the mode of this new moon phase,
the intent is now to enjoy the ripening of all that has been tended and looked after.
This is a time of coming into the full expression of all the innate energies harnessed and cultivated.
Time and space for the glorious opening of expression and sharing throughout the summer into late summer, a smile in every gesture, a smile in every step.
The inner knowing that we are able to let the guards down and flow outwards without inhibition, it can be safe now to be genuine, safe to express who we are and show our own colors fully.
Especially now the calling is to increase allowance for each others and ourselves of “Space”.
Allowing for space, in all ways that feel appropriate, allowing space to continue to evolve. Allowing space with each inhale, each exhale, feeling it.
This can be a physical expression too, through movement and dance to explore, share, modulate space, and yet being open to perpetual shift of same.
Expressing the “fullness” of who we are designed to be, abundance of energy, abundance unlimited.

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