Claudia Wenning

So much has happened that we grieve about.
How much can we talk about this, what do we need to do to handle
these emotions?
We say there are no words to describe what we feel.
Words are circumscribing the feeling itself, a feeling so
raw and undiluted, so intense, felt whole bodily, how it grips us, our heart,
our brain, our belly.
How we can not sleep, can not eat, how we think of all the
pain others have to go through, and there is so little, if any, we can do about
events that have happened. Nothing we might have done to prevent them either, maybe.
We may feel that nothing we do really matters now, for what
any how, we can not avoid pains to just descend upon us and others without
warning. We may feel that we cannot be safe, we can not know what the
future brings.
We may feel disempowered, lost, alone, what is life about if
we have to suffer through so much pain and loss? How do we communicate these emotions, what do we do with

Can we talk about this?

Is there anything here that you feel and can identify with?
Then you are not alone, I am not alone, we are not alone, we
are alive and we FEEL.
We feel grief, pain, despair, loss of trust and direction,
we are not alone in feeling these  sensations,
this is the common thread that winds itself through it all, the thread that connects
We are not robots, we are sentient humans, experiencing this
to the fullest, maybe not of  conscious
choosing, but we are alive and we feel.
We can come together to share this, the reawakened realization
how precious life is, how precious it is to communicate, to share ALL we feel,
the good and the unbearable.
We are engaged to make this more bearable, any which way,
and we may think we cannot.

But what if that is one thing we can step up to do, by being
more compassionate, feeling the pain others go through, sensing their needs and
wants, opening our hearts, minds and places, to give comfort, shelter, contact,
understanding, and listen with care.
We feel, therefore we are. We can embrace our ability to
feel, to strengthen our connection with others through feeling deeply, how else
could we know the pain they might be going through?
Because we know how it
We are shaken awake by others loosing their lives, shaken
awake to be present right now, to be honest with our emotions, to feel
them, share them and to honor these moments we have with each other to spend
together, as we honor those that have passed before us.

 For if there is a
message to be heard at all, what if it could be like this:
Stay true to whatever you feel, and if you feel loving,
share it, if you feel unloving, resolve it, do not let another day go by with
unresolved feelings of hurt and pain, for your or others.
Do not allow communication between you and others be incomplete
or dishonest.
We can grace every moment in our lives with awareness of its
fleetingness, respect and embrace it, in its glory or despair, we are here to
feel them, experience them, and we have only one chance to do so, moment by
We can live in gratitude to those that remind us by parting
so unexpectedly, it is not only that we can hold them in our hearts
forever, it is also that we can hold all the ones that are alive with us as
precious and dear.
Through feeling so deeply and intensely, we are able to
connect deeply, especially to those that are left behind, that are here with us.
 Here we can hold the
energy strongly for others in their grief to lean on, we can hold the strength to help
them across the deep void for however long it may take, through feeling can we
muster this strength, through being passionately compassionate.

If we could encourage and develop the strength to be truly compassionate beings, that feel with and stand with those that suffer, stand with
those that are grieving, acknowledge their pain as if it were one’s own, being
there as support rather than drowning together in it – this might be what has
to be nourished more, this might be one of the missing pieces that will make us
feel like the sisters and brothers that we truly can be for each other.

What if this grief we feel can be transformed into energy to
look after each other more kindly, communally as well as globally?
What if we are literally called to action when we feel the
pain of others and the pain we feel ourselves?
Called to action to show loving kindness, passionate compassion, and not postpone
it for another moment, share that smile, word, hug, pick up that phone, write that

What if we can also move this energy into unfinished emotional
areas in our own being, the areas of hurt, resentment and judgment that are
waiting to be released, so that they will never be a source of pain again for
anyone, including ourselves.
We know what it feels like to be in pain, but we do not have
to loose ourselves there.
We can cultivate healthy compassion to lift each other up from the disempowerment of profound suffering.

So,what can we do to make this world a world with less pain?
We can gather and cultivate inner strength to support others
when they suffer.
We can diligently dissolve pains we have created for
ourselves and others, release them, let them go, and make space to genuinely empower ourselves and each other.
When we are present for ourselves and truly invested in resolving our own
inner pains, then out of this cemotional learing we may gain the strength to support others with compassion.

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