Every 1st Monday of the month at 5.30 pm PT, for 30 minutes,
we connect on a deep, heartfelt, intentional plane of pure presence.
This circle is growing, and it does not matter where we are physically.
We gather through focus and intention.
A day before circle I send out an email and share all the issues that have been
submitted for this time by the participants via email to me.
Any issues that seem to speak to you – they are yours as well.
Any issue you would rather keep private, you can bring it in silently
and still make it part of this energetic field that we are creating.
The overall group intention is to relax and open up into accepting
understanding that is coming from a different angle as we are used to.
Then we can revisit those issues that have persistently kept us in fear,
insecurity, sadness, depression in a different way.
If this “resonates” with you, if you like this approach,
then it will be very easy for you to connect with this intentional circle,
the interconnection can span the globe,we are not limited by distance.
To allow this moment in space and time to connect with others
for the GOOD OF ALL,
for the healing of physical issues, for the mending of hurting hearts,
for the fusion of scattered mental processes – this can be very powerful,
the collective intention of stepping out of the “no way out”,
it can be the step into reclaiming self- empowerment.
You may feel bubbly and energized,
you may feel deepening relaxation,
you may feel nothing at all…
However be assured:
this energetic gathering happens at the Quantum Level,
distance is irrelevant,
the intention to resolve and heal what troubles you is the connection,
it joins “like” to “like”,
and increases the chance of manifestation.
Let us gather at the moment of creation for the “GOOD FOR ALL”.
Opening up to the highest potential of manifestation –
what ever this may entail for you.
Remember, when we were kids and took a solid oath with our best friend
to look at the moon when it rises and send each other a thought!?
Moon, sun, stars, galaxies, all part of the circle of life…so are we.
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As of  December 2014 the current cycle of the VC is complete, 
yet the energies which were set into motion are continuing!


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