Claudia Wenning

Breath is the way with which we can express our emotions, not the only one, but always available to us.
It is also the conductor with which Life Energy enters our body.
As we know, breath is life!
When we cannot breathe deeply, the quality of our life is affected deeply.
Lately many of our concerns have to do with the quality of our breath. The lungs are our premier organ to utilize this breath, Prana, Life Energy.
What if global events regarding our collective health point us to bringing attention to the health of our lungs like never before?
What if we are meant to bring attention to the quality of the air around us?
What if we are meant to inspect everything we use daily, and everything we choose to surround ourselves with?
How do all these elements, seen or unseen, affect the quality of the AIR WE BREATHE in?
What if our conscious choices today can actually diminish the impact of “natural disasters” like fires, floods etc, in the future?

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