Claudia Wenning

Often people ask me what a Traditional Naturopath really does and advocates.
One of the various facets of Naturopathy is the nutritional aspect,
and it simply could be summarized as:
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ”
( this quote is attributed to Hippocrates).

The focus in Naturopathy is on promoting the body’s natural self – healing capabilities
instead of treatments which are build upon the taking of chemically derived compounds,
aka pharmaceutical drugs.
The practice of medicine was once based on natural treatments,
diet choices and lifestyle modifications, these days this is called alternative medicine.
The day will come that the “alternative” assignment will be a misnomer of the past.

My purpose as a Traditional Naturopath is to assist those who are ready
to take their well – being into their own hands by making educated choices and
employing a multitude of natural applications and individualized approaches
to transform their lives into one lived in Vital Balance.
In the state of Vital Balance all other aspects, like personal empowerment,
a genuine purpose, joie de vivre, creativity, individual entitlement
and integrative goal management will follow suit effortlessly.
To get there, we have to ask the appropriate questions,
and listen to the answers that come with an inquisitive and open mind.
It is never too late to make changes in one’s life, even the smallest conscious thought
or deed has the potential to create a cascade of life – affirming
and therefore health – enhancing improvements.

A Traditional Naturopath crafts an itinerary of applying natural approaches and remedies,
which will lead the way to the state of equilibrium in body, mind and soul.
These applications support us in allowing ourselves to “come home” to the state of Vital Balance.

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