Claudia Wenning

 Spring shows us in nature countless New Beginnings, and there are new beginnings in my practice as well.

 My office partner and dear friend Michelle Champion, who kindly shared the studio with me for many years, is going to be working full-time in Lakeport, California at the Tribal Health Clinic. If you are in that neighborhood, or like to go for a drive, don’t ever hesitate to ask for her caring services there! 

 So, as of May 1st, 2021, my practice is at the QUANTUM LEVEL HEALTH Studio!

 I will be continuing in the space, and it will offer plenty of natural healthcare support for all who step through the door. 

Later this month I will be making a few spacial changes, moving around furniture, looking for another couch, etc, and my services will continue just as before.

 You can also now officially schedule your in-person appointments with me online! Please email me to send you the appropriate link, since I have in-person and online session schedules, so you can find the date and time that is best for you. 

 And I continue to offer Telehealth sessions either by video,  phone, or Skype.

The studio has been a blessing all these years, I intend to run it as a Holistic Health Care Center, and several other natural health care practitioners are joining  to offer their services here, with more modalities to help us all to get through these times of uncertainty and distress! Details to come soon.

Although I obviously will not have a grand reopening with bells and whistles, look for further announcements on social media to mark the reopening on May 1st, 2021! Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

May the sense of New Beginnings have significance in your life too, invigorate and empower you!

May the coming days give you hope, perspective and spiritual sustenance.

 Every day, every sunrise is a reminder of a new beginning!


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