Claudia Wenning

I often get told: “It is my adrenals”, or “my gallbladder, liver, stomach, vagus nerve”. Well, this might be the place where an imbalance becomes most obvious, but none of the organs or systems exist alone!

We are, our bodies are, one holistic entity. Our body is a very interactive field, you might view it like a landscape with hills and valley, and several rivers running through. You can actually view it all as a unique microcosmos, and what affects one part can affect another, a state of dis-ease may just be more apparent in one specific area.

So I will often say, lets look at the whole picture of your life, your body, your emotions and your various stressors, present, past and future, and bring this information to interrelate with all their aspects, so that you can create a foundation to feel better, “whole”, vital and balanced again.

And Traditional Naturopathy offers solutions to go from dis – ease to ease by using natural elements such as: breathing, nutrition, herbs, water, movement, sound, touch, frequency, vibration, temperature, connection, emotional expression, language, vision, natural supplements, and ultimately self-empowerment.

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