Claudia Wenning

About my perception of the recent energy “shift”
So now that I mentioned this, I have been asked repeatedly
to elaborate…what am I talking about?
I will do my best to share in detail my impressions right here, July 5th 2017.
It actually started more than 2 weeks ago, approximately 3 weeks ago, as I
mentioned around summer solstice, but it really took me a few days to recognize
this as a sustained palpable sensation.
As we are all part of the continuum of evolution, we and ALL
THERE IS evolves, now how does this happen?
Energy is… and is expressed in countless forms and manifestations.
When we become quiet and nurture our sentient abilities, we
are able to distinguish different qualities, shapes and “tastes” of the
environment we are in, which is as wide and large as we wish to recognize it.
Our environment is also as dimensional or rather multidimensional
as we intend to perceive it.
We can tune into a piece of music on the radio, and we also
can tune into energies we resonate with, because of the resonance it is rather
However, we are also all interconnected as multiple species
on this planet, or shall I say in this realm we choose to share.
Once energies are perceived, they can be easily
amplified and shared with those that are open to receive them.
In this cooperation realities are created through energetic
alignment. Many different realities.
Evolution is driving change continually, and whenever we
find certain sentiments to be highly charged with energy, the higher the charge
is, the more poignant the reversal of this charge can be, if we are willing to flow with this reversal.
It is a choice to make, the energy is available to be sensed.
There is an uplift from sentiments of despair and feeling victimized
available now, that is what I have been feeling and that is what I called the recent energy shift.
I have observed this in others around me, in the session with clients, all in varying degrees, yet all
fueled with an increasingly building energy to be acted upon as of lately.
I call the energy empowering, it feels like EMPOWERMENT waiting to be acknowledged and to be lived, starting with every individual to be felt in the most minute instances and upward from there.
I am not implying we will have world peace tomorrow, although I would celebrate this with abandon, but nevertheless I want to do my part to shine a light on this quality of energy that is more easily accessible
with every passing day, ready to be integrated as I have witnessed it lately.
If there are others out there that have sensed this and would like to share, even from other viewpoints, may it be astrology or other schools of thought, I would love to hear it.
And I am talking about self-empowerment in an upcoming program that will be available soon. The creation of the program at this time is as “synchronistic” as life itself.

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