It is a journey

It is a journey, to become who you are meant to be in this life.To live your life free of that pain you feel, when you are not being you.How do we recognize this pain as such a messenger?You could call it a spiritual just as much as practical journey….It is about getting to understand […]

About self-protection

We often restrict ourselves to feel deeply, out of the desire to protect ourselves. But in turn we may be missing out to experience our ability to celebrate the incredibly wide range of emotions we humans are capable of. Awareness of our feelings, as I see it, is a prerequisite to the awareness of being […]


CENTERING – It gives strength, security and belonging within oneself. It is essential to navigate with more ease through this reality. It enables us to slow down, redirect, reassess and reframe. It is a prerequisite to coming home to the freedom of choice, even if it may seem small, yet the smallest change will affect […]