Claudia Wenning

About frogs
… I like frogs, I am intrigued by all amphibians.

I enjoy to watch them, they are so present, quietly but keenly alert, 
with such patience they  wait for the next meal,
 they are sensitive and can feel my presence from yards away.
They have their ways of communicating with each other, which sound to me like music,
 yet they are aware of my listening to them, and then often keep their secrets to themselves.
Many years ago I discovered that frogs were revered in several ancient cultures.
In ancient Egypt there was a goddess, named Heket or Heqit
(other spellings too) who was pictured as a woman with a frog head.
 She was one of the bearers of life, fertility, birth, of creation itself, 
sometimes shown in images with the ankh symbol in her hand.
The ankh symbolizes creation, breath of life and eternity, the joining of aspects.
The frogs symbolized creation too, abundance, new beginnings, fertility,
 they were important to the agrarian aspects of these cultures as well as the concept of longevity.

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