Claudia Wenning

Dear Mother!
Yes I know it has been many decades. I know you are tired.
I see your fragility and beauty, shining like a precious pearl.
Sounds of my childhood include your singing voice,
you did not care about the words,
you carried the melodies within you.
I remember your laughter, clear as a bell.
I know of your true love of poetry, how you recited them.
We had our differences viewing the world 180 degrees apart.
You were always there for me,
despite our diverse approaches to life.
We had to cross many valleys and climb another mountain
on the long journey to experience the others viewpoint.
I am grateful to have seen and recognized the world
in just a few aspects from where you are watching from.
Looking out into these horizons
has gradually widened my understanding.
I hope to take you with me too,
show you other vistas which have opened up for me.
As long as another breath will be given to us,
we can share and take each other to new grounds,
I am grateful for having you in my life,
for you having brought me into this life.
And I am always ready to hold up the mirror for you-
as you are holding it up for me –
for you to see your strength, depth and richness of spirit.
Excerpt from:”From the Lightness of the Heart”

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