I talk much about this, so what do I mean?
Why is this a worthy goal to address?
Why do we want to get back into Vital Balance?
Look at it in terms of symmetry…imagine …
 energy is spinning round and round,
 creating a field, call it Chakra field,
 call it Merkaba, the Torus field,
  human energetic field, aura layers, 
all these can exist because of a
 balanced element of spin to them.
If the spin is free, harmonious and even, 
we are in the State of Vital Balance, 
fully energized, within a complete 
 field, no holes, no fragmentation.
If this field is out of balance, 
it will actually start to wobble,
  and if it is not newly aligned, 
freshly energized,
and vibrationally supported, 
it will eventually spin no more.
Therefore maintaining the spin
 allows for life-giving energy 
to  fill the field, saturate the field,
 and create a wholesome Wholeness 
for us to express ourselves through
 as the energetic beings we are.


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