Dia De Los Muertos

 A day to honor the departed This image is a symbolic offering today, as we take time to connect with our ancestors and with all those that came before us. In gratitude to those we share our DNA with, and to those that learned the lessons for us, which we do not have to go […]

Healing Gifts Of Summer


Sharing The Strength, Finding The Balance

 For all our relations :  Intending to direct loving thoughts towards those  who have made themselves dependent  on chemically produced substances,  hoping to strengthen perceived weaknesses.  We can support them  to find their way back into vibrant balance  through energetic strengthening,  for them to discover their innate power to do so themselves! Excerpt from the […]

Love And Evolution

Illusion – Evolution – Love – Solution There is love in the word Evolution? Turning it around…love…evolve… What if love is the key to evolution? What if love is the solution to illusion? From the book “From the lightness of the heart” by Claudia Wenning www.amazon.com

Wakan Tanka Kichi Un (Lakota)

NATIVE AMERICAN DAY 2014 WAKAN TANKA KICHI UN (Lakota: may God bless) Today is an opportunity to thank the original stewards of these lands for the countless blessings you have bestowed on the sacred ground we are walking on. I am humbly extending my gratitude all the way back to White Buffalo Woman and her […]

At The Quantum Level We Can

open the Book of Life… enter the Halls of Records… read in the Book of Remembrance.. access the Akashic Records… Who are we? Who have we been? Who shall we be? We are all that and… we are an inseparable part of divinity. Come and see – ehi-passika!