Claudia Wenning

Do you want to understand more deeply your life in this time

and place, and the environment you find yourself in?

Then do this:

Disengage from mass consciousness as you see it – consciously, totally, without reserve.

Yes, disengage from all the thought patterns, beliefs, paradigms,

the ones you can identify with and the ones you can not identify with – all of them!


Disengage, disconnect, let go of it all without any plans of ever reattaching.

Wipe the slate clean, cleanse and purify your inner computing mechanisms.

Breathe deeply, release all these constructs and their affiliates,

release, breathe, breathe in, breathe out.

Let it all go, even the most precious ideals and conviction,

the burning desires and great unspoken fears.

And now just stand – stand, stand still, and feel yourself standing on this planet,

connected to the energy field of this planet, that is ever so turning and at the same time

moving through space at almost 1000 miles per hour, maybe more, who really knows.

Imbibe this connection to the planet, without any further doing, just being.

You are securely anchored on the earth, you, I and countless other living breathing entities

are existentially connected with each other, we are intrinsic parts of this planet’s field.

Breathe out once more even more deeply, completely,

and open yourself up for new energy, new prana to enter your body.

Invite the new energy, new life sustaining energy and information to come in.

Allow yourself to receive new information, from another level of understanding

as the one you have used before.

There may be nothingness, even for a while, embrace that.

There may be stillness, invite it in.

There may be light and color without words, let them in.

There might be sound without meaning, listen.

There may be sensations, feel them.

There may be nothing else then the simple sense of being present, trust that.

Feel the energy that sustains your life, and now begin anew:

How can I use this energy that flows through me so freely

to not only permeate my own being but also create

an environment of flow, ease, inter connectedness and fluidity?

How can I express the energy through thoughts and actions

to support the freedom of individual expression as well as nourish

the connection between all of us physical beings on this planet?

Let us listen for those answers, let’s ask new questions,

let’s expand our consciousness together and build on that.

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