What Does Your Spin Look Like?

VITAL BALANCE    I talk much about this, so what do I mean? Why is this a worthy goal to address? Why do we want to get back into Vital Balance?   Look at it in terms of symmetry…imagine …  energy is spinning round and round,  creating a field, call it Chakra field,  call it […]


IMPRESSIONS 2019 The symbolism of new beginnings can open up a bounty of thought patterns. We can free ourselves from old contracts, also complete what has felt unfinished, create new relations from the heart space, honor ourselves as the unique expression of the divine. We may encounter what we may call imperfections, yet we may […]

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Hello again, Here is a short clip of a talk I gave a few weeks ago, it may be of interest! The quote “Let food be thy medicine” is attributed to Hippocrates, the “Father of Naturopathy”


Clean energy is sweeping this land whispered prayers get louder fresh faces are stepping up many hands are joining the voices are blending into another awakening may this continue to grow and may the circle get stronger

Standing On This Planet

Standing on this planet, my feet are touching the earth, I feel mist on my skin.  The spacetime embrace of mother earth and gravity are anchoring me safely here, the energetic attraction is connecting freely. By being present in this, grounding appears so effortless, is such a gift given, now, and now… excerpt from : […]

Be Like Water

                             Be like water                             “Be like water……                             making its way through cracks.     […]

No Matter What Happened

No matter what happened in the past you can choose  at this moment: to leave it in the past  by respectfully disconnecting now, to gather your energies to skip along, while gently leaving fear behind, to skip along the yellow brick road which will take you to this precious place you always knew is waiting […]